Relieves inflamed udders and teats

The pleasant and immediate cooling with AMACOOL supports the healing process during uterine inflammation (mastitis) and is an effective supplement to veterinary treatment. AMACOOL has no effect on the flavor of the milk.

Healthy udders in the dry season

AMACOOL helps soothe your dairy cows’ dry skin and reduces the risk of udder swelling during the dry season.


Relieves joint swelling

AMACOOL cools stressed joints and quickly ensures well-being.

Also for use with horses. After training or a race, simply apply a thick layer of AMACOOL to the hot or swollen legs of the horse.

AMACOOL improves the well-being of the animal and it is quickly fit again.



Animal care products for use in agriculture.

To prevent udder infections and support the natural healing process of inflammations and swollen joints.

AMACOOL to support the healing process of udder infections: Apply AMACOOL thickly 2 – 3 times daily over a period of one week. Cools pleasantly and quickly. AMACOOL has no effect on milk taste. No waiting period!

AMACOOL also supports the dry out of dairy cows: Coat the udder thickly with AMACOOL after the final milking.

AMACOOL for cooling swollen joints and leg regeneration in horses: Apply AMACOOL thickly twice a day. If necessary, bandage.


Animal care product with aluminium acetate and herbal extracts, for external use.

Licensed for organic cultivation under EU Council Regulations (EC) 834/2007 and 889/2008.

Pack Sizes

  • Tin 2,5 kg
  • Bucket 12,5 kg


If you need more information about AMACOOL, our field staff will be happy to help.