Why granulated fertiliser is left behind

Phosphorus is almost immobile in the soil – it moves only 2 – 3 mm per year.

Phosphorus is fixed immediately in acid or alkali soils. Granulated phosphorus fertilisers, particularly natural phosphates, therefore have little effect. Only 20 % of these fertilisers are available to the plants in the year in which they are applied. Granulated phosphorus is too slow when the need is urgent!

The consequences of phosphorus deficiency

– poor tillering in cereal
– delayed flowering and ripeness
– slow early growth
– major reductions in yield in all crops
– Phosphorus deficiency in forage crops leads to fertility disorders

POWERPHOS liquid – the solution for acute phosphorus deficiency

- 3 to 5 times more effective because of leaf contact
- works in any climate and with any soil pH
- used sparingly so that it is more economical than granulated phosphorus fertilisers

POWERPHOS can be mixed with pesticides and UAN (ammonium nitrate urea solution).

Plus points

Can be mixed with pesticides and UAN (urea ammonium nitrate solution)


10 % Nitrogen (N) as Ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N) (corresponds to 138 g/l)
34 % Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) water soluble (corresponds to 469 g/l)

pH-value: 6 - 7

Pack Sizes

  • Canister 10 l; 75 x 10 l / pallet
  • Drum 200 l
  • Pallet tank 1.000 l
  • Tanker


If you need more information about POWERPHOS, our field staff will be happy to help.