The Complete Stress Protection with 7 Groups of Active Agents

Protects Against Weather-, Soil- and Chemical-Stress
Strengthens Roots and the Immune System
- For a Reliable Yield in Any Situation

AMALGEROL ESSENCE is composed of Herbal- and Plant Extracts, Amino Acids, Seewead as well as organic Nitrogen, Potassium and organic Substances.

The application amounts per hectare are 3 l AMALGEROL ESSENCE in at least 250 l of water. The application schedule can be found on the product labels and our crop recommendations. In addition, we recommend the use in all situations with increased plant stress. 



The 7 Groups of Active Agents are

Plant Hormones promote root growth:

Seaweed extract is rich in natural plant hormones. The growth of fine roots is promoted, allowing the plant to absorb more nutrients and water. Furthermore, more mycorrhizal fungi settle on the larger root surface and provide the plant with additional nutrients.



Organic carbon activates the soil life:

Tiny soil organisms are responsible for forming humus, breaking down straw and creating a healthy soil. Organic carbon is an easily digestible food source for soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi. 


Alginate improves water retention:

Due to intensive mineral fertilization, many soils are rather low in humus and can only store small amounts of water. Alginate is a natural source material that can store water very well. This ensures a good yield even in dry periods.



Antioxidants neutralize stress molecules:

Long drought or frost, compacted soil or plant protection mean stress for our crops. The resulting stress molecules damage the plant and reduce the growth rate. Antioxidants neutralize the stress molecules and stop the damage. 


Amino Acids for active cell repair:

Stress events damage the plant cells. Here, amino acids act like a lotion after a sunburn: they promote the rapid development of new cell tissue. The plant regenerates faster and can invest the energy in growth. 



Herbal Extracts strengthen the immune system:

Many herbs produce certain substances that strengthen the immune system. Putting these herbal extracts on crops boosts their resistance against fungi and pests.  



Organic K & N as leaf nutrients: 

Potassium is an important building block for young leaves so they can harden quickly. Nitrogen is especially important for young leaves with their high protein metabolism. The leaves can easily absorb and process potassium and nitrogen in organic compounds.


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