Cooling effect

  • Rapid, effective cooling
  • Helps effectively against inflammation
  • Regeneration of stressed joints


How does AMACOOL work?

AMACOOL effectively cools and regenerates. Acetic clay is an old home remedy that was used thousands of years ago to cool injuries. It is a necessity for every stable pharmacy. The evaporation of moisture dissipates heat from the body.

The herbal extracts, which we produce according to an old Swiss recipe, support the regeneration process in the body through a balanced selection of essential and other natural oils.

Healthy udders in the dry season

When applied to the udder, AMACOOL supports the healing process during uterine inflammation (mastitis) and is an effective supplement to veterinary treatment. AMACOOL helps when drying off the dairy cows and reduces the risk of udder swelling during the dry period.

It also supports the regeneration of reddish (“liquid”) udders after calving, especially in young cows. Furthermore, AMACOOL helps to treat abnormal heat in udders. AMACOOL has no effect on the flavour of the milk, meaning there are no waiting periods!

Relieves joint swelling

AMACOOL helps against swelling and cools stressed joints, tendons and muscles. AMACOOL supports the regeneration of joint, tendon and muscle problems and ensures rapid well-being.


Animal care product for use in agriculture.

To prevent udder infections and support the natural healing process of inflammations and swollen joints.

AMACOOL to support the healing process of udder infections: 
Apply AMACOOL thickly 2 – 3 times daily over a period of one week. Cools pleasantly and quickly.
AMACOOL has no effect on milk taste. No waiting period!

AMACOOL also supports the dry out of dairy cows: 
Coat the udder thickly with AMACOOL after the final milking.

Online shop

You can easily order AMACOOL online.


Animal care product for external use. Contains herbal extracts and acetic clay.

Product sheet (PDF)

AMACOOL meets the requirements of regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 in the current version and is allowed for organic farming.

Pack Sizes

  • Tin 2,5 kg
  • 6x 2,5 kg / box
  • Bucket 12,5 kg


If you need more information about AMACOOL, our field staff will be happy to help.