Odoriferous slurry signals nutrients lost

Ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulphide are vital nutrients and dissipate very quickly in untreated slurry. They pollute the air and the fertilising effect of the slurry declines. 

GÜLLEMAX binds valuable nutrients in the slurry

Ensure that the valuable nutrients found in the slurry are retained. In this way you are able to maximise the fertilising effect of your farmyard manure and reduce the proportion of concentrated feed purchased.


With GÜLLEMAX you reduce the loss of*

  • Ammonium by up to 68 %
  • Methane by up to 17 %
  • Hydrogen sulphide by up to 69 %

*According to research by:

  • University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna / Austria
  • Kransa Hora EU Project (Institute for Agriculture & Engineering), Prague / Czech Republic
  • State Pig Breeding Authority, Forchheim / Germany 

Wash Barn

Nothing but encrusted dung everywhere

Walls and floors are totally covered with encrusted dung. The sticky, dried encrustations are difficult to remove. You stand for hours struggling with the high pressure cleaner.

GÜLLEMAX - Washing barn and milking parlour made easy

With GÜLLEMAX you will be finished in half the time. The special composition of mucolytic and essential oils quickly breaks down the crusts. After a brief penetration period, the soiling can be removed in moments with a high pressure cleaner.

Güllemax helps you save!
You need Güllemax helps you save!less cleaning agent and shorter washing times cut your water consumption.


Sticky manure blocks drains and floats on the surface.

Untreated slurry putrefies instead of decomposing, turning into a sticky, thick mixture. This results in blockages in the drainage system and thick floating layers.

GÜLLEMAX lets slurry flow

GÜLLEMAX accelerates slurry decomposition. Blocked drains clear and surface layers dissipate. The slurry is able to flow again, avoiding unnecessary work. 

Use Güllemax regularly to avoid unpleasant plumbing jobs.

Minimise the effort and expense of flushing out drains and using slatted floor mixers.  The slurry is far more homogeneous, cutting mixing time and costs. Adding water becomes  largely unnecessary, cutting time and transport costs further.

Mucking out made easy

Trouble with sticky dung

Is mucking out eating up your valuable time? Wet, sticky dung makes hard, back-breaking work of mucking out stalls and sloping floor barns. 

GÜLLEMAX - Mucking out made easy

Manure conditioned with GÜLLEMAX is not as sticky and is less voluminous. This makes mucking out a simple job. The manure decomposes faster and fertilises better.


Weeds overrun the nutritious forage crops

Spreading putrid, caustic slurry damages the grass cover. Valuable fodder plants are scorched, producing gaps in the existing pasture. Dock and other weeds can spread unhindered, robbing the nutritious grasses of their space and beneficial nutrients. 

GÜLLEMAX deactivates the slurry

GÜLLEMAX binds the gases in the slurry that can damage the grass cover. GÜLLEMAX converts caustic ammonium and hydrogen sulphide into proteins and organic nitrogen.

The valuable nutrients remain in the slurry and plants tolerate the slurry better. GÜLLEMAX promotes clover and the highly palatable lower layer of grass, the grass cover remains thick, beneficial insects (e.g. green dock beetle) return and weeds are forced out.


Are you battling with an elevated microbial load due to putrescence? 

Untreated, putrefying dung is a breeding ground for harmful germs. The animals are constantly fighting dangerous infections. 
Among other things, a high microbial load causes mastitis, milk fever, diarrhoea and urinary tract infections. This means that the vet will be a regular visitor to your barn.

GÜLLEMAX reduces microbial load

GÜLLEMAX ensures natural and rapid decomposition of dung and eliminates putrefaction quickly and completely.

The microbial load drops dramatically.

Staphylococcus and enterococcus are reduced by an average of 70 %!
(Institute for State Control of Veterinary Biopreparations and Pharmaceuticals, Brunn 2006)


Bad air in the barn?

Ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulphide are irritants, causing harmful air in the barn and compromising animal and human health.

For example, a cow passes 60 m³ of barn air through its lungs daily, a pig 15 m³, and a human 1 m³ per hour spent in the barn. This results in flu-like infections and coughs.

Foul-smelling air polluted with bacteria reduces daily weight gains in animals. A study by the Federal Austrian Gumpenstein Institute showed that poor barn air reduces feed conversion by up to 8 %.

GÜLLEMAX ensures healthy air 

GÜLLEMAX binds harmful gases, noticeably improving barn air! Healthy air is essential for a clear respiratory tract, healthy animals and better daily weight gains. Your holiday guests and neighbours will also smell the difference for the better.


Thousands of annoying flies? 

Residual manure on the barn walls and putrid slurry attract flies.
Surface scum on the slurry channels and the slurry pits are ideal breeding grounds for fly larvae.
Especially in warm weather, the fly population often explodes.

GÜLLEMAX makes life hard for flies

Regular use of Güllemax ensures a clean and pleasant smell in the barn. 
Barn hygiene is improved.

  • Beneficial bacteria promote decomposition and deprive maggots of their food source
  • Flies do not like healthy, clear air
  • Dissolving surface scum provides fewer surfaces for depositing fly eggs

Swarms of flies are a thing of the past. The animals are quieter in the barn and have a noticeably improved quality of life.


0,1 l GÜLLEMAX or STALLMAX per LSU/week is the recommended and maximum required amount for regular prolonged application. In this way you profit from all the beneficial and substantial effects.


Composition: Over 40 different vegetable, essential and mineral oils and herbal extracts

pH-value: 8 - 9


All ingredients made without genetic engineering. 100% biodegradable, according to reports of the University of Innsbruck.

STALLMAX: Over 40 different vegetable and essential oils, herbal extracts and shale oil

pH-value: 8 - 9

STALLMAX is licensed for organic cultivation under EU Council Regulations (EC) 834/2007 and 889/2008.


How to apply GÜLLEMAX and STALLMAX correctly.

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Pack Sizes

  • Canister 10 l, 25 l
  • Drum 200 l
  • Pallet tank 1.000 l


If you need more information about GÜLLEMAX, our field staff will be happy to help.