Preventive manure care

GÜLLEMAX improves stable air

  • dissolves persistent feces crusts
  • works naturally, without chemistry
  • improves stable hygiene

Promotes rotting

  • dissolves channel blockages and surface crusts
  • reduces odor and nutrient outgassing
  • makes liquid manure homogeneous and flowing

Increases basic forage quality   

  • maximizes the nitrogen and sulfur fertilizer effect of manure
  • improves plant compatibility
  • prevents burning or staining of the turf



Plant oils

... bind toxins, have an anti-inflammatory effect and develop a soapy cleansing effect with water.

Essential oils & herbal extracts

... have a mucolytic, disinfectant, soothing and healing effect on the skin and respiratory tract and eliminate putrefaction bacteria.

Mineral oils and shale oil

... as a highly digestible bacterial food

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Improvement of stable hygiene

Mucolytic, essential oils dissolve fecal residue from walls, stables and milking parlors. Stable flies thereby lose their breeding ground, germs are eliminated.

GÜLLEMAX binds toxic, foul-smelling gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide and creates a healthy environment for animals and humans. 

Homogeneous, flowing liquid manure

The herbal essences contained in GÜLLEMAX displace the putrefactive bacteria. Highly digestible carbon leads to a proliferation of beneficial aerobic bacteria, which accelerate the rotting of manure.

Within 30 days, surface crusts break up, channel blockages and sinking layers dissolve.

Cost-effective, renewable whole-nutrient fertilizer

GÜLLEMAX binds nitrogen and sulfur in manure. The nutrients are preserved and are available to your forage plants (grassland, maize, cereals) for optimal fertilization. 

You can add POWERPHOS, POWER-N and GÜLLESCHWEFEL before spreading the manure. Inadequate nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur supply can be easily and quickly compensated.

Automated application

Dosing nozzle

The dosing aid generates a 5% solution and is suitable for targeted application and stable washing.



Injection of GÜLLEMAX and STALLMAX is effective for problem areas in the channel system or for example at the scraper.

Homogeneous manure


Homogeneous and nutrient-rich manure with GÜLLEMAX 


How to apply GÜLLEMAX and STALLMAX correctly.


Stable cleaning and preventive manure care "in a fraction of time"


Composition: Essential oils, plant oils and extracts, mineral oil distillates

All ingredients made without genetic engineering. 100% biodegradable, according to reports of the University of Innsbruck.

pH-value: 8 - 9


Composition: Essential oils, plant oils and extracts, shale oil

pH-value: 8 - 9

STALLMAX is licensed for organic cultivation under EU Council Regulations (EC) 834/2007 and 889/2008.

Pack sizes

  • Canister 10 l; 84 x 10 l / pallet
  • Canister 25 l; 36 x 25 l / pallet
  • Drum 200 l; 2 x 200 / pallet
  • Pallet tank 1.000 l


If you need more information about GÜLLEMAX, our field staff will be happy to help.