The feel-good package for your barn.

is a more effective and economical alternative to granulated phosphorus and works in any weather and with any soil pH.

increases the sulphur content in forage crops to the minimum values required.

is broken down from maerl and provides the soil quickly and efficiently with calcium.


GÜLLEMAX – a wealth of strength from slurry

Produce your own “renewable” high-nutrient fertilisers! With GÜLLEMAX, slurry rots in a controlled manner instead of putrefying unchecked. Slurry gases are fixed, nitrogen and sulphur remain in the slurry. Total fertilising power for pastures and arable land!!

Clover slurry not caustic slurry

If slurry putrefies unchecked, foul-smelling caustic slurry develops. Hard times for fodder crops, earthworms and the neighbours!

GÜLLEMAX eliminates putrefaction and caustic slimes disappear.

  • The slurry can flow, no longer sticks to the plants, drag hoses do not leave “slurry sausages” in the grass.
  • Just 10 to 14 days after spreading the slurry, the grassland is ready for grazing again.
  • There is less need to dilute the slurry with wate - that saves time, storage space and transportation costs.
  • With GÜLLEMAX there is no longer any need to spread the slurry in the rain, which is kinder to the grass and the earthworms.
  • The smell of slurry is hardly noticeable, pleasing your neighbours and holiday guests.


Your grassland will yield more milk

GÜLLEMAX allows the slurry to fertilise effectively and without damaging plants. Tastier clover, valuable fine grasses and herbs will grow strongly, worthless weeds are forced out. Fodder value increases and your grassland will yield more milk!

Phosphorus in forage crops

POWERPHOS is a more effective and economical alternative to granulated phosphorus and works in any weather and with any soil pH.

Phosphorus deficiency, a common problem

Half of all cattle farms have animals suffering from phosphorus deficiency. This results in energy metabolism disorders, leading to reduced milk production and fertility problems. Expensive supplementation with mineral feed is inevitable.

Sufficient Phosphorus in forage crops

POWERPHOS puts the missing phosphorus into cattle slurry. The phosphorus content in the forage crops gets improved rapidly.

  • POWERPHOS acts via the slurry 3 - 5 times better than granulated phosphorus fertilisers.
  • Just fertilise using the slurry, saving the inconvenience of spreading fertiliser.
  • Phosphorus via your own forage crops is more effective than supplemental mineral feed you buy.
  • Phosphorus increases the energy content of forage crops.
  • Phosphorus via forage crops improves fertility.

sulphur for the slurry

Sulphur deficiency in forage crops

Pastures require sufficient sulphur to form protein. 
Pure slurry covers only about 50% of the sulphur requirements for basic fodder production, reducing milk yield from the forage crops. 

GÜLLESCHWEFEL+ supplies sulphur for the slurry

  • GÜLLESCHWEFEL+ supplies the missing sulphur for the slurry
  • Sulphur reduces the incidence of rust diseases in grass, clover and herbs
  • Sulphur boosts the protein content in forage crops and milk production

Soil deacidification

Acidified grassland

Untreated slurry acidifies grassland. A low pH value inhibits soil life and blocks the absorption of nutrients.

Soil deacidification, fast-acting and dust-free

Unlike common stone and burnt lime, MEERKALK is a very active fertiliser. The chalk from which our MEERKALK (marine lime) is extracted was formed from deposits of coralline algae.

The fine, aerated structure of the coralline algae is still intact and guarantees very high reactivity: 90% of the applied fertiliser is already fully available within the first year.

MEERKALK - Advantages

  • High plant availability and rapid fertilising effect thanks to high reactivity of over 90%
  • Minimal dosage per hectare - very economical
  • Dust-free, easy spreading with a spreader thanks to even granulation
  • Calcium in forage crops for high milk production and healthy cows


Complete your pasture fertilisation with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur in one single step using the slurry tank!

Regulate the pH values and supplement calcium with MEERKALK using the fertiliser spreader, quickly and dust-free.