About Us

Company profile

We are a private owned enterprise, located in Innsbruck/Austria.

Since 70 years we develop plant fortifiers and fertilizers for organic and conventional farming.

The second focus of our company are products for animal welfare and the improvement of liquid manure. We manufacture our products in the EC in strict accordance with European quality and environmental standards.

Clients in over 30 countries appreciate our highly effective products, our technical support and our outstanding customer service.

Milestones of our company development


Foundation of an agricultural trade company in Innsbruck, Fischerstr. 40


Purchase of this agricultural trade company by the Hechenbichler family.
Construction of a new warehouse in Innsbruck, Wiltenberg 


Sole distribution of Swiss biological biostimulat and soilconditioner AMALGEROL in Austria


Expansion and moving of AMALGEROL-production to Austria.  
First in Amstetten, later in Wels


Expansion abroad.
Export of AMALGEROL to Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and Italy


Development of GÜLLEMAX 


Relocation to new office building Innsbruck, Cusanusweg 7


Foundation of the 1st subsidiary company AMALGEROL CZ in Czech Republic, Ceske Budejovice


Cooperation with Cheminova A/S Denmark.
Expansion of AMALGEROL distribution into 16 more European countries


Foundation of the 2nd subsidiary company Hechenbichler Deutschland GmbH, Landshut


Construction of the new head office building in Innsbruck, Cusanusweg 9

Cooperation with AgriNova SAL Lebanon.
AMALGEROL is now present in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa


Cooperation with Summit-Agro Ukraine, Kiev.
Exclusive distributor of AMALGEROL for Ukraine


Opening of the Hechenbichler GmbH Trade Representation Office
for Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova in Plovdiv

Cooperation with Medi Plus R Ltd., Plovdiv.
Exclusive distributor of AMALGEROL for Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova

Interest in HECHTA Kft., Szekszárd.
Exclusive distributor of AMALGEROL for Hungary


Generation change at Hechenbichler


Sales currently into more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Afrika

Our Team

We place a high value on the personal care of our customers. Please contact our team members if you have any questions.