Events 2018

Overview of field days, pasture days and trade fairs at which our team will be represented on site.[more]


AMALGEROL at field day Naše pole (CZ)

From 19. - 20.06.2018 the field day Naše pole took place in Nabocany for the 18th time. AMALGEROL CZ s.r.o. presented successfully trial fields in the middle of the Czech Republic.[more]


Das Hechenbichler 1-2-3-System

Stress managen, Erträge sichern. Die 3-fache Antwort auf 3-fachen Stress besteht aus effektivem Stress-Schutz, wichtigen Hauptnährstoffen und wichtigen Spurenelementen.[more]


AMALGEROL at the largest agricultural fair in Central Europe

From 8. - 12.04.2018 the three traditional agricultural exhibitions TECHAGRO, ANIMAL VETEX and SILVA REGINA took place at the Exhibition Center in Brno (Czech Republic).[more]


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Science and practice

are the drivers for constant advances in the development of our products.