9th International AMALGEROL Conference in Prague

Around 50 distributors, technicians and scientists from over 20 countries exchanged their latest experiences and results with AMALGEROL in experimental trials and farm practice.

From October 28th - 30th 2019 managing director Georg Hechenbichler welcomed around 50 specialists from over 20 countries to exchange experiences in Prague. Numerous lectures inspired the audience, encouraged discussions and form the basis for future cooperation and mutual support in the growing AMALGEROL family.

The effects of AMALGEROL on straw decomposition on plant growth, humus and fuel consumption were explained in detail by DI Othmar Nolz, sales director international. “Straw and plant residues are a major problem for the further cultivation, particularly for tillage and drilling, plant growth and plant health. One danger of poor rotting is the transfer of pathogens by the residues. Poor rotting causes a decrease of humus. As a consequence soil is compacted and tillage needs more pulling force with higher fuel consumption.”, summarizes Othmar Nolz. AMALGEROL enhances the decomposition of organic material. Faster release of nutrition helps to save mineral fertilizer and stimulate plant growth.

The most important trial results of recent years will be collected in the future in the new knowledge database AMALGIPEDIA and serve as support for marketing and sales. Dr. Jürgen Hacker and Dipl. Biol. Anna Radtke, PhD - both working for registrations and trials in the company - gained with their team many trials and experiences of the long and successful history of AMALGEROL. Trials in all main and many minor crops were made in most european countries and additionally in MENA and SE Asia. They focused on important crops of the main markets and, thanks to the support of longtime partners and farmers worldwide, they have been combined in this large scale into a helpful trial database.

The invited participants spoke about AMALGEROL in Hungary, the Czech Republic, about sales and marketing in Slovenia, about the latest experiences in Greece and about trial results and farmer experiences from Bulgaria, Romania & Moldova with AMALGEROL ESSENCE. Spain presented many years of experience with AMALGEROL, Slovakia put the focus of the presentation on field crops, Ukraine showed its first experience on the seed treatment. As diverse as the applications and characteristics of the countries are - for the year 2020 and the subsequent years, all participants gave an ongoing positive outlook to the sales of AMALGEROL.

9th International AMALGEROL Conference:
Team Hechenbichler with distributors, technicians and scientists from over 20 countries




Science and practice

are the drivers for constant advances in the development of our products.