AMALGEROL now also strengthens Ukrainian plants

With a successful product launch in the Ukraine, we are now also represented with AMALGEROL in the second largest country in Europe.

In Nowa Kachowka, a town 300 km east of Odessa, the Summit-Agro Ukraine presented AMALGEROL and its new "Seipro Organic Products" in mid-October. More than 100 organic growers of wine, fruits and vegetables showed great interest and asked profound questions about the activator AMALGEROL. "With Summit-Agro Ukraine, we have won a strong trading partner in Ukraine. This opens up a very large new market for our company, which has been successfully developing plant fortifiers and fertilzers for conventional and organic farming for 40 years," explains Mag. Georg Hechenbichler, Managing Director of Hechenbichler GmbH.

The agriculture of Ukraine is dominated by huge areas of cereals, corn, sunflowers, vegetables, fruits and wine. The Ukrainian black soils were once world famous as the granary of the former Soviet Union. "Today the soils are very different. There is a frequent demand for biological activators and plant fortifiers and more recently frost protection in fruit and wine growing," says DI Othmar Nolz, International Sales Manager of Hechenbichler GmbH. "The market for agrochemicals in Ukraine is about € 750 million, which is four times the amount of Hungary. In addition, the demand for biological products is growing rapidly," explains Othmar Nolz the potential of the East European state. The next conference is planned for the end of November: In Chernivtsi, about 300 km southeast of Lviv, AMALGEROL will be presented to farmers in the West Ukraine.

Since 2011, Summit-Agro in Ukraine has been providing farmers with high quality crop protection. The team around Tamara Melnychayko offers professional advice and technical support. Summit Agro Ukraine is part of the global network of Sumitomo Corporation, a leading Japanese corporation.


AMALGEROL launch in Ukraine:
Trading partner Summit-Agro Ukraine presents AMALGEROL and the new "Seipro organic product line"




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