Successful AMALGEROL Conference in Bulgaria - Strong interest among the leading agronomists in Velingrad

Together with our partner Medi Plus R ltd. the Hechenbichler GmbH Trade Representation Office for Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova organized a conference for Bulgarians leading Agronomists. About 100 of the largest Bulgarian farms were represented at the conference.

Maria Rangelova, managing director of Medi Plus R ltd., opened the event and welcomed the participants. She highlighted her companies high level of technical support and 20 years agricultural expertise. Georg Hechenbichler, managing director from Hechenbichler GmbH in Austria, gave a short overview on the background of AMALGEROL production and the new longterm partnership with Medi Plus R ltd.

Ivan Rangelov, director of Hechenbichler GmbH Trade Representation Office, presented together with marketing manager Vasilena Rangelova the new product AMALGEROL ESSENCE to the audience.

This new product from Hechenbichler Austria raised strong interest among the participants. AMALGEROL ESSENCE is highly effective and economic at the same time. The features of the product match perfect with the slogan "Make a better agriculture today and save the resources for the generations of tomorrow.”

AMALGEROL Conference in Bulgaria:
Authorised dealer for Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova Medi Plus R ltd. presents AMALGEROL ESSENCE




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