Generation change at AMALGEROL CZ s.r.o.

Effective July 1, 2020, Hanspeter Hueter took over the management of AMALGEROL CZ s.r.o., Budweis (CZ).

After 44 years in business, Georg and Reinhard Hechenbichler withdrew from Hechenbichler GmbH, Innsbruck / Austria. In this context, the management of AMALGEROL CZ s.r.o. was also handed over to Hanspeter Hueter together with Hans Hueter.

Together with the AMALGEROL CZ team, Hanspeter Hueter is pleased to offer the strong core products AMALGEROL PREMIUM and AMALGEROL CLASSIC as well as the proven product range in the field of fertilizers and animal care.

Georg Hechenbichler (4th from right), Hans Hueter (left) and Hanspeter Hueter (rear center) as well as the AMALGEROL CZ team are happy about the successful handover.


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