Our company founder Hans Hechenbichler passed away

We say goodbye in mourning but with great appreciation and deep gratitude to our company founder and senior boss Hans Hechenbichler, who passed away on May 10, 2021.

Hans Hechenbichler





Hans Hechenbichler

* 12.07.1929
+ 10.05.2021

With him, we lose a warm-hearted person who was closely connected with us.

With the takeover of an agricultural trade in 1977, he laid the foundation for today's Hechenbichler GmbH.

Over many decades, he shaped the daily work of the employees with his own high commitment as a role model. Characteristic were his reliability in business and private matters and his down-to-earth attitude.

He thought in terms of possibilities and opportunities. Not only in the market, but also in people. He saw the potential and gave every employee the chance to become part of the Hechenbichler family, regardless of origin or language.

With his entrepreneurial vision, he and his sons Georg and Reinhard took over the sole agency for the biological plant strengthening agent Amalgerol in 1981, which has since been developed into a globally successful brand.

Hans Hechenbichler was someone who took things into his own hands and implemented them with the active support of his wife Elisabeth. Even in his well-deserved retirement and after his two sons took over the company, he continued to follow the brisk growth and projects with great interest and regularly visited the company.

We are very grateful for a senior boss who distinguished himself through humor, humanity and his lived responsibility for the individual employee.

Senior, we will miss you.

Innsbruck, May 2021

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