We support the projects of Caritas - healthy food & seeds

The "Improvement of Child Nutrition" project enabled children to eat healthily over a period of 3 years. The next project is about a new beginning.

With a donation of € 25,000, we have supported Caritas Tirol in Armenia over the past 3 years. Since the public funds for kindergartens in Armenia are very limited, the parents themselves have to pay for their children in the kindergartens. Most parents do not have enough income and can only pay a small part of the costs.

So far this has meant for the children predominantly potatoes, noodles and bread. Due to the lack of nutrition the children remain in their development and start with a disadvantage in the life.

The project "Healthy Eating for Kindergarten Children" focused on a balanced vitamin and nutritious diet. In addition, a Caritas employee came regularly to the kindergartens to discuss a corresponding menu with the cooks. 

Already in 2014 we supported a Caritas project in Armenia. At that time new water systems were built for an improved and humane water supply. The new project in Armenia was an important contribution to strengthening long-term development capability.

A new project donates to a campaign in Senegal and supports families with seeds, training and tools for planting vegetable fields. This new beginning improves the nutrition of the families and prevents malnutrition.

We look forward to further cooperation with Caritas and the success of the aid project.

Your Hechenbichler Team


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