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Straw rotting - after harvest is before harvest

AMALGEROL gets the straw rotting going again!

AMALGEROL / AMALGEROL ESSENCE activates the rotting bacteria. Together with earthworms, rotting bacteria convert the straw into valuable plant nutrients and humus. Up to 100 kg of potash and 20 kg of phosphorus can be recovered per hectare .

Rapid straw rotting also eliminates dangerous fungal pathogens (e.g. Fusaria) before they can infect the subsequent crop. A good straw rot clearly brings more yields in the following crop.

The effect of AMALGEROL in the soil increases from year to year because the soil structure and soil health are getting better and better.

When activating the straw rotting, pay particular attention to an optimal C:N ratio of approx. 10:1. The missing nitrogen can be supplemented with the farm's own cattle or pig manure or the nitrogen fertilizer POWER-N.

Accelerated straw rotting with AMALGEROL - after harvest is before harvest.


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