makes your soil vital and crumbly and strengthens the health of soil and plants.

is the all-round stress protection for your plants

is a more effective and economical alternative to granulated phosphorus and works in any weather and with any soil pH.

supplies your plants with phosphorus and potash and gives them added strength, particularly in the critical growth periods.

important nutrients with carrier effect

is a liquid potassium sulphate that makes plants resistant to drought and frost and prevents wilting and chlorosis.

The liquid sulphur fertiliser with a dual effect.

is elemental, dust-free sulphur for use with a fertiliser spreader.

increases the sulphur content in forage crops to the minimum values required.

der Calciumdünger mit organischem Stickstoff.

schnellwirkender Calcium-Dünger, granuliert

Meerkalk mit 10% Schwefel elementar.



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