makes your soil vital and crumbly and strengthens the health of soil and plants.

the all-round stress protection for your plants.

the starter fertilizer for the youth development with 5 % Biostimulant AMALGEROL ESSENCE.

is a more effective and economical alternative to granulated phosphorus and works in any weather and with any soil pH.

is an efficient potassium & sulfur fertilizer that regulates water balance, strengthens tissue and improves nutrient availability.

liquid sulphur fertiliser with fast and lasting effect

increases the nitrogen and sulfur content. The nutrients are equally available to the plants throughout their growth.

fast acting, granulated calcium with over 90% reactivity according to LUFA.

granulated calcium with 10% sulfur elementar, over 90% reactivity according to LUFA. Binds moisture in the root zone.

is elemental, dust-free sulphur for use with a fertiliser spreader.

Catalogue 2021


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