Complete Stress Protection

  • Protects Against Weather-, Soil- and Chemical-Stress
  • Strengthens Roots and the Immune System
  • For a Reliable Yield in Any Situation

Today, stress factors
cause more damage to

...than diseases, parasites and weed pressure all together. This was determined in a study by the Technical University of Munich. It is high time to protect crops against stress!

3x Stress: Weather, Soil and

Drought and heat, late frosts, heavy rains and storms, as well as soil compaction, erosion, lack of humus and side effects of plant protection: Crops are exposed to stress on all sides for many days and weeks.

How do the plants react?

Stress causes defective molecules in the plants, called free radicals. They destroy healthy cells from inside.
The plants are more susceptible to disease and pests, age faster and produce a lower yield. Unfortunately, plant protection does not help against stress. 

But there is an effective supplement to plant protection:



7 Groups of Active Agents


Plant Hormones promote root growth:

Natural plant hormones derived from Seaweed extract promote the growth of fine roots, allowing the plant to absorb more nutrients and water. Furthermore, more mycorrhizal fungi settle on the larger root surface and provide the plant with additional nutrients.



Organic carbon activates the soil life:

Tiny soil organisms are responsible for forming humus, breaking down straw and creating a healthy soil. Organic carbon is an easily digestible food source for soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi. 


Alginate improves water retention:

Due to intensive mineral fertilization, many soils are rather low in humus and can only store small amounts of water. Alginate is a natural source material that can store water very well. This ensures a good yield even in dry periods.



Antioxidants neutralize stress molecules:

Long drought or frost, compacted soil or plant protection mean stress for our crops. The resulting stress molecules damage the plant and reduce the growth rate. Antioxidants neutralize the stress molecules and stop the damage. 


Amino Acids for active cell repair:

Stress events damage the plant cells. Here, amino acids act like a lotion after a sunburn: they promote the rapid development of new cell tissue. The plant regenerates faster and can invest the energy in growth. 



Herbal Extracts strengthen the immune system:

Many herbs produce certain substances that strengthen the immune system. Putting these herbal extracts on crops boosts their resistance against fungi and pests.  



Organic K & N as leaf nutrients: 

Potassium is an important building block for developing firmness in young leaves. Nitrogen is especially important for young leaves with their high protein metabolism. The leaves can easily absorb and process potassium and nitrogen into organic compounds.


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Application rates per hectare and application timing:

Generally 3 l AMALGEROL ESSENCE per hectare and application in minimum 250 l water. Use at recommended growth stages and furthermore in all situations of increased plant stress.

Cereals: at tillering; at the beginning of flowering; on straw to accelerate decomposition

Oilseed rape: in autumn at 7 - 8 leaves stage; in spring at stem elongation; at bud development

Maize: on soil before cultivation; at 4 - 8 leaves stage; on straw to accelerate decomposition

Sugar beet: 3 applications between crop cover and end of beet root growth

Pea, Bean, Soybean: at 4 leaves stage; at bud development

Sunflower: on soil before cultivation; at 6 - 8 leaves stage

Oil pumpkin: on soil before cultivation; at crop cover

Potato: 3 applications between crop cover and 50 % tuber mass

Vegetables: on soil before cultivation; 14 days after transplanting/crop emerging; repeat 2 - 4 times in 10 - 14 day intervals

Grape vine, Fruit trees: 2 applications between bud burst and flower buds closed; 2 - 4 applications between end of flowering and colouring of fruits, use 500 - 1000 l water / ha if necessary

Fertigation: EC Value 0.5 % solution: 0.1 mS/cm

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3 % Nitrogen (N)
3 % Potassium (K2O), water soluble
39 % Organic matter (corresponds to 80 % in DM)

pH-value: 5 - 6

Liquid Organic Fertilizer
100% GMO-free
100% Pure organic

AMALGEROL ESSENCE meets the requirements of the Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and No. 889/2008 in the current version and is therefore allowed for organic farming.



Application amounts per hectare:
3 l AMALGEROL ESSENCE in at least 250 l of water. 

The application schedule for individual crops can be found further down on this page as well as on the product label and our crop recommendations. 



Pack Sizes

  • Canister 15 l; 45 x 15 l / pallet
  • Drum 200 l; 2x 200 l / pallet
  • Pallet tank 1.000 l


If you need more information about AMALGEROL ESSENCE, our field staff will be happy to help.