When the soil stagnates:

– Inert soil, consolidation
– Waterlogging, erosion
– Weak roots
– Bound or leached nutrients 
– Stressed, susceptible plants
– Straw does not decay, fungal proliferation
– Poor harvests, unacceptable quality




Soil envigorated with AMALGEROL:

– Vital and friable
– Increased water retention, "sponge action"
– Enlarged root system
– Flow of nutrients optimised 
– Plants more robust
– Accelerated straw decay
– Increased yields and quality


Inert soil, consolidation

These days agriculture demands permanently high yields from its soils. In doing so, soil vitality is not considered. The consequences:

– Beneficial soil organisms die off
– The water storage "sponge function" is lost
– Washaways, waterlogging and soil erosion increase
– The soil consolidates and solidifies, machine wear and diesel consumption rise

Amalgerol multiplies beneficial soil organisms by up to 200 %

Many helpful soil bacteria and earthworms loosen and aerate the soil, making it friable, reducing erosion and silting.

The friable earth sucks up the rain like a sponge and stores the water for drier times.

It takes less traction to work the soil, saving fuel and reducing machine wear.


Weak roots

– Weak root formation, root contact with soil drops below 2% (!)
– The small roots take up too little water and too few nutrients during strong growth periods
– The plants then suffer from drought stress and poor nutrition

Amalgerol strengthens the roots and boosts the number of mycorrhiza by up to + 700 %

Mycorrhiza are beneficial soil fungi that enter into a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. These fungi form fine threads that branch out and extend for kilometres, collecting water and nutrients in much greater quantities than the roots could do by themselves.

The roots enlarged by AMALGEROL constitute the basis for strong, even growth


Nutrients are bound or leached out

– Fertilisers are underutilised and money wasted
– Chlorosis and growth problems occur

Amalgerol boosts the replacement of nutrients from the soil

The living soil warms more quickly in Spring – important nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and sulphur.

Soil bacteria release and mobilise bound nutrients, which can then be absorbed better via the enlarged root system and prevent chlorosis.

Azotobacteria collect the nitrogen from the air and deliver it to plants – free of charge!

AMALGEROL propagates this beneficial type of bacteria, optimising the flow of nutrients.


Stressed plants

Cold, heat and dry periods sometimes place plants under considerable stress. Insecticides can also restrict the short-term growth of plants. 

Experts have calculated that plant stress is already the major cause of slowly decreasing yields globally!

Amalgerol counteracts stress and ameliorates plant damage

Plants can absorb water and nutrients whenever they want, thanks to their larger and stronger roots.

Well-nourished plants have a strong resistance to disease and endure stress related to dryness, heat, pesticides, and cold much better.

If plants have been damaged by storms or herbicides, AMALGEROL helps the crops recover significantly faster.


Where do diseases and parasites come from?

Many pathogens and parasites displace the plants and cause enormous damage. Insecticides are only partially successful. Many pathogens and parasites are already resistant or new species appear.

The breeding ground for these pathogens and parasites can often be found in the soil. Badly decayed straw and other harvest residues are the perfect breeding ground for these pests. The rotten residues serve as a bridge for disease.

Amalgerol promotes decay, enhances soil and plant health, and aids in humus development

AMALGEROL propagates and boosts vital decomposing bacteria. Together with earthworms, these beneficial soil bacteria quickly convert straw and other harvest residues into humus and valuable nutrients. These are then ready for the subsequent crop. 

More importantly: The rapid decomposition of harvest residues interrupts the opportunity for many dangerous diseases such as septoria, fusarium and root rot to propagate.


Vital, healthy soil and strong roots provide measurably:

– Higher quality
– Higher yields
– Better storage life
– More profit







Seaweed extracts, plant oils, mineral oil, essential oils, herbal extracts.

All ingredients made without genetic engineering. 100% biodegradable, according to reports of the University of Innsbruck.

pH-value: 8,5

AMALGEROL meets the requirements of regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 in the current version and is allowed for organic farming.


How to apply AMALGEROL correctly.

Pack sizes

  • Canister 10 l; 84 x 10 l / pallet
  • Canister 25 l; 36 x 25 l / pallet
  • Drum 200 l; 2 x 200 / pallet
  • Pallet tank 1000 l


If you need more information about AMALGEROL, our field staff will be happy to help.