fast and lasting effect

  • Effcient potassium & sulphur fertilization
  • Regulates water balance, strengthens tissue
  • Improves nutrient availability

Why potassium and sulphur?

Why do plants need potassium and sulphur?

Potassium plays a decisive role in the metabolism of the plant, especially in the carbohydrate metabolism, in protein formation and in the regulation of the water balance.

Potassium strengthens the leaf tissue, increases the stability of grain, improves shelf life and makes the plant more resistant to stress.

In growth stages with a high need for potassium, the supply from the soil is usually insufficient. Now you need KALIMAX, either as a leaf spray or via irrigation.

KALIMAX contains furthermore a high proportion of sulphur. This nutrient is a vital element for building protein and increases nitrogen efficiency. The sulphur is present as thiosulfate. In this form, part of the sulphur is quickly available as sulfate, however the effect lasts over several weeks.

Efficient fertilizer

KALIMAX - the effcient potassium and
sulphur fertilizer

  • High in potassium and sulphur, immediately available to the plant
  • Chloride-free and therefore suitable supplying chlorine-sensitive crops with potassium
  • Increases the availability of the nutrients iron and manganese
  • 100% water-soluble
  • Suitable for fertigation and foliar fertilization


Application rates per hectare and application timing:

Application rate generally 5 l KALIMAX per hectare in at least 250 l / ha water.

Cereals: at tillering (BBCH 20 - 30), at flag leave (BBCH 37)

Oilseed rape: in autumn at 7 - 8 leaves stage (BBCH 17 - 18); in spring at stem elongation (BBCH 30); at bud development (BBCH 50)

Maize: at 4 - 8 leave stage (BBCH 14 - 18)

Sugar beet: 3 applications between crop cover (BBCH 30) and end of beet root growth (BBCH 49)

Bean, pea, soy: at the beginning of flowering (BBCH 61)

Oil pumpkin: at crop cover (as late as possible)

Potato: 3 applications between crop cover (BBCH 30) and 50% tuber mass (BBCH 70)

Vegetables: 14 days after transplanting/crop emerging; repeat 2 - 4 times in 10 - 14 day intervals

Wine, fruit: 2 applications between leaf bud burst and pre-flowering, if necessary repeat 2 - 4 times between end of flowering and colouring of berries and fruits. Use 500 - 1000 l water / hectare if necessary

Fertigation: EC value 0.1% solution: 0.7 mS / cm. Rinse with clear water.


25 % Potassium (K2O) 365 g/l,
17 % Sulphur (S) 248 g/l 

pH-value: 7,5 - 8,5

Product sheet (PDF)

Pack Sizes

  • Canister 10 l; 75 x 10 l / pallet
  • Pallet tank 1.000 l


If you need more information about KALIMAX, our field staff will be happy to help.