Fast-acting calcium

  • Granulated lime from marine deposits
  • Over 90 % reactivity according to LUFA
  • Fast-acting calcium

WHY is LIME necessary?

Why is it necessary to fertilize grasslands with lime?

Intensively used grasslands develop an increasing acidification of the soil due to the calcium loss caused by removing the harvested crop and the leaching of cations. Fertilization with farm manure such as liquid manure and mineral fertilizers also have an acidic effect. Soil acidification has many negative effects that reduce the yield.

Lime has a positive effect on the soil structure and thereby increases the porosity and water storage capacity of the soil.

The soil organisms that are important for soil fertility need a soil that is well supplied with lime. At low pH values, the availability of many nutrients decreases. In order to maintain a productive stock of high-quality forage grasses in the long term, this must be compensated for with lime fertilization.


Why is MEERKALK so effective?

The source rock for MEERKALK is of a younger age and therefore less compact than conventional rock limestone.
This can be seen very impressively under a scanning electron microscope (see illustration). Original organic structures can still be clearly seen.

Due to this high porosity and the very fine degree of grinding, MEERKALK has a very high reactivity. The plants can absorb the calcium very easily and it takes effect very quickly in the soil.

What MEERKALK can do

  • Covers the calcium needs of the plants
  • Rapid pH value increase in the germination horizon
  • Binds moisture in the root zone
  • For high milk yield and healthy cows

Organic structure





structures are clearly
of organic origin





Rock limestone

has jagged structures due
to the strong compression



MEERKALK lime fertilization and pH value increase, granulated and dust free


Application rate:

Grassland, farmland: 500 kg per hectare
Garden, lawn: 8 - 12 kg per 100 m²


51 % CaO Calcium Oxide, total (corresponds to
91 % CaCO3 Calcium Carbonate, total)
0,9 % MgO Magnesium Oxide, total
52 % Basic Active Ingredients
(calculated as CaO Calcium Oxide)

Bulk weight: 1,28 kg/dm³

Product sheet (PDF)

MEERKALK meets the requirements of regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 in the current version and is allowed for organic farming.

Pack Sizes

  • Sack 25 kg; 42 x 25 kg / pallet
  • Big Bag 600 kg


If you need more information about MEERKALK, our field staff will be happy to help.