• Optimal nitrogen-sulphur ratio
  • 3 types of nitrogen
  • Long-lasting effect


Increasing the nitrogen and sulphur content in liquid manure with POWER-N



Increase of the nutrient content in cattle slurry* by adding 1 l POWER-N per m³ liquid manure.

*Cattle slurry: undiluted,
average values from official tables


Enhance your cattle slurry

This gives cattle slurry more fertilizer power

Cattle slurry often does not contain enough nutrients. Nitrogen only occurs in organic form and as ammonium. Especially in spring, when the soil temperatures are low, very little or no nitrogen at all is available for the plants.
The growth in grasslands is therefore delayed and the feed value is reduced. Corn growth stagnates and it remains in early development.

Enhance your cattle slurry

Supplementing your cattle slurry with the liquid fertilizer POWER-N significantly improves the value of the liquid manure. Just 1 l POWER-N per m³ liquid manure adds +10 % nitrogen and +10 % sulphur to the liquid manure.
The nitrogen is contained in the form of ammonium, urea and quickly available nitrate. This ensures nitrogen and sulphur are available to the plants evenly throughout the entire growth cycle. Depending on the intensity of the agriculture, the application rate and the degree of dilution of the liquid manure, 1 - 2 l POWER-N per m³ of liquid manure are recommended.


  • Significantly more nitrogen and sulphur in the liquid manure
  • The nutrients are consistently available over the entire growth cycle
  • Improved protein content and energy density of the feed, higher milk yield
  • Strong early development of corn plants


Application rates and application timing:

Mix POWER-N undiluted into the liquid manure tank while it is being filled using the bypass or suction nozzle.

Grassland: 20 - 25 l/ha for each growth


27 % Nitrogen (N) 351 g/l
3 % Sulphur (S) 39 g/l

pH-Wert: 7

Product sheet (PDF)

Pack Sizes

  • Drum 200 l; 2 x 200 l / pallet
  • Pallet tank 1.000 l


If you need more information about POWER-N, our field staff will be happy to help.