Wichtige Nährstoffe

  • Bor-Mangan-Zink und Aminosäuren
  • Für Befruchtung und Abreife
  • Carrier-Effekt für starke Wirkung

Große Wirkung


Spurenelemente sind wie Vitamine. Kleine Mengen - große Wirkung. Schon kleine Mengen von Bor, Mangan und Zink steuern Photosynthese, Befruchtung, Korn-, Kolben-, Knollen und Fruchtausbildung.

Was ist der Carrier-Effekt?

Bor, Mangan und Zink sind in TRIOVITA an Aminosäuren (Proteine) gebunden. Damit entsteht der sogenannte “Carrier-Effekt” (Carrier = Träger). Die Nährstoffe werden ohne Energieverlust in die Pflanzen “getragen”. Das erhöht die Wirksamkeit der Nährstoffe enorm. Deshalb ist TRIOVITA so effektiv und kostensparend.

Wann brauchen die Pflanzen TRIOVITA?

In allen Phasen mit erhöhtem Bedarf an Bor, Mangan und Zink. Also Jugendstadium, Blüte, Befruchtung, Korn-, Frucht- und Knollenansatz.

TRIOVITA - wichtige Nähstoffe mit Carrier-Effekt

  • Enthält Bor. Mangan, Zink und Proteine
  • Sparsame Aufwandmenge bei gleichzeitig sicherer Wirkung
  • Durch Proteinbindung perfekte Aufnahme in die Pflanze



Directions for use: Liquid mineral organic fertilizer for foliar application in agriculture and horticulture. Recommended application rates are based on experience and should not be exceeded. For an exact application, we recommend a soil or leaf analysis, use only when needed.

Before combining TRIOVITA with pesticides, fertilizers or other products, conduct mixability and compatibility tests.  Follow the instructions of all tankmix products carefully. Do not apply mixtures with other products during extreme weather conditions (e.g. temperatures above 25 °C, when frost is likely, after heavy rain). ATTENTION: Do not mix with copper-containing products.

Shake well before use! Stir IBCs! Fill the spray tank half with water, start mixer, add TRIOVITA through a filter. Fill up the tank, maintain mixing throughout spraying! Wear protective clothing and safety glasses. Do not inhale spray mist. Clean the equipment after use. Pre harvest interval: 8 days (minimum time between the last application and harvest).

Application rates per hectare and application timing:
General dosage rate per hectare is 2 l TRIOVITA per application in minimum 250 l water. For greenhouse cultivation reduce dosage rate per hectare to 1 l TRIOVITA per application. Use at growth stages per crop as recommended below.

Cereals: at tillering (BBCH 20 - 30); at the beginning of flowering (BBCH 61)

Maize: at 4 - 8 leaves stage (BBCH 14 - 18); when required repeat after 10 days

Oilseed rape: in autumn at 7 - 8 leaves stage (BBCH 17 - 18); in spring at stem elongation (BBCH 30); at bud development (BBCH 50)

Potato: 2 applications between tuber initiation (BBCH 40) and 50% tuber mass (BBCH 70)

Oil pumpkin: at crop cover (at the latest possibility)

Sugar beet: 3 applications between crop cover (BBCH 30) and end of beet root growth (BBCH 49)

Sunflower: at 6 - 8 leaves stage (BBCH 16 - 18)

Pea, Bean, Soybean: at 4 leaves stage (BBCH 14); at bud development (BBCH 55)

Vegetables: 14 days after transplanting/crop emerging; repeat 2 - 4 times in 10 - 14 day intervals

Grape vine, Fruit trees: 2 applications between leaf bud burst and flower buds closed; 2 - 4 applications between end of flowering and colouring of berries and fruits, use 500 - 1000 l water / hectare if necessary 


4,8 % Total nitrogen (N) 61 g/l
2,5 % Boron (B) 32 g/l, water soluble
1,6 % Manganese (Mn) 21 g/l, water soluble
0,3 % Zinc (Zn) 4 g/l, water soluble
79,8 % Organic matter in DM

pH-Value: 5,5 - 6,5

TRIOVITA meets the requirements of the Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and No 889/2008 and is allowed for organic farming.

Pack Sizes

  • Canister 20 l; 36 x 20 l / pallet


If you need more information about TRIOVITA, our field staff will be happy to help.